Sunday, March 14

New Post

It has been like a month since my last post (I wanted to hashtag laziness, but I realized this was not Twitter) and I came up with a great title for my new post. The title is "New Post". Also, I took approximately a month to think about something to write about and apparently I am now writing about the title of this post. The life of a highly paid blogger is the best.
Seriously though I was going to write about racism and how I hate it, but I felt that was a little too heavy for the rainbows and kittens I usually write about. So then I thought  >insert thought bubble here< "Maybe I should write about Twitter" that thought did not even make sense so....
I will write about my Saturday. Laura and I were planning on taking Erin to the Texas State Aquarium on Monday, but after a last minute audible we decided to go to the Houston Zoo on Saturday.We ultimately made the decision because Erin wanted to go to Build-a-Bear and since she is not spoiled we wanted to make sure she can get what she wanted and still see animals.
So the drive up to Houston was not bad, it was not bad because Laura drove the whole way while I played in the back with Erin, Tweeted, and navigated using TeleNav. The trip turned for the worst when we got to the zoo. We tried to park in the main lot and did not find a spot, we then moved to a secondary lot and there was not spot, we checked a third and you get the idea. After driving around not knowing what to do we found a parking garage a mile away and walked.
Erin fell asleep at the zoo, but I think she enjoyed her time there. She got to see the elephants and the "baby monkeys". She requested cotton candy which was weird for her to ask for. I think the main reason we went to the zoo was to get Laura some Dipping Dots.
Off to Pancho's. I wanted Pancho's because it carried memories of really mediocre Mexican food with really great sopapillas. This time around both things were slightly mediocre. To make things worse Laura burned her thumb and my apple soda Manzanita de Sol kind of tasted bitter.
Act 3: We went to Build-a-Bear, Erin added another to her collection, and we came home. The end. I know the story was more epic than Lord of the Rings and did not have quite the twist ending of Sixth Sense, but what do you expect on a 34 second notice?

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  1. I thought that was riveting. There was a car chase (okay, drive), animals attacking (okay, baby monkeys), severe burns (okay, a burnt finger), and amateur taxidermy (Read: Build-A-Bear). I was on the edge of my seat and cannot wait until the next chapter, which I'm sure will involve rabid goats, a Bonsai, and a new line of character pillows. Keep up the good work!