Saturday, May 18


(This is written with love) 
Yari is awesome and I think for many of us she will be the first person we cared for in the Twitter world that we are losing and it is impacting us in a weird way. There are people that know her beyond Twitter and in their everyday lives and for those people I am sorry you lost such a special part of your life. 
What can we say about Yari? She loved alpacas, she loved The Office, and she loved San Antonio Spurs. She is a reflection of us. With Twitter we get to choose the people that are our friends and it isn't limited by social status or location. It connects us with other people with purely our personalities. 
I am glad I got to be her friend. She said things weirder than me sometimes and I loved that about her. Who does that? 
I didn't know her on a deep personal level, but her text conversations with her Dad are hilarious and her pictures with her Mom are touching. 
The relationships we create here are amazing and I value all of mine I have with my Tweeps. We will miss Yari very much and my thoughts are with anybody that may be missing her or may be feeling the pain of her loss.