Friday, March 19


Even though I have horrible spelling (not really, but it makes me sound more street tough) I am not trying to spell nuggets. With that extremely awkward sentence out of the way maybe I can start writing about what I wanted to write about. I wanted to talk about that nudge you get from people, whether it be to go in the wrong direction or the right direction and how that nudge changes you and your life.
I have had many nudges, some of them good and some of them bad. I do not know why we need it sometimes, but we need a push. Now do not get me wrong, I usually do what I believe is right, but sometimes that little nudge gets me to go in a direction I would not normally have gone.
I am grateful for my friends and family that give me the nudges. Because of some of the nudges I have recently received I do not just want to settle. This is something I have done before, not because I do not have goals or like mediocrity, but because I always have the belief that I will be good at it my job and advance. This is what I have done in the past; worked somewhere, been a good to great employee, been promoted, rinse, and repeat.

More than anyone my mom and wife have always nudged me in the directions they feel have been in my best interest. In my opinion the path they sent me on has given me the best thing in my world, my daughter Erin May. Usually people believe in me and I want to thank @GeekShui (The man, the myth, the legend of GeekShuiLiving.Com ) because he gave me a few kind words and a few nudges that I think could take me to the next great thing and have definitely been a bit of inspiration. It sounds corny, but it really is true... so thank you.
So here is to my nudges and to the people that feverishly sweep the path in front of me to get me to go the right way (curling reference). I have lived my life to this point and I am happy with how things have turned out, I am ready for the next chapter and seeing my little girl grow up and be the wonderful person I know she will be. I also kind of look forward to 3D TVs and 3D videogames.

P.S. The bonsai tree is my most zen like image get what you pay for.

Thursday, March 18

The Office

'Tis my favourite show.

I need help using Google Analytics

Okay it says to post the above script (if you see it) in the body. Ummm, not sure what to do here. Ayuda me por favor. I just changed it to the below script.

Sunday, March 14

New Post

It has been like a month since my last post (I wanted to hashtag laziness, but I realized this was not Twitter) and I came up with a great title for my new post. The title is "New Post". Also, I took approximately a month to think about something to write about and apparently I am now writing about the title of this post. The life of a highly paid blogger is the best.
Seriously though I was going to write about racism and how I hate it, but I felt that was a little too heavy for the rainbows and kittens I usually write about. So then I thought  >insert thought bubble here< "Maybe I should write about Twitter" that thought did not even make sense so....
I will write about my Saturday. Laura and I were planning on taking Erin to the Texas State Aquarium on Monday, but after a last minute audible we decided to go to the Houston Zoo on Saturday.We ultimately made the decision because Erin wanted to go to Build-a-Bear and since she is not spoiled we wanted to make sure she can get what she wanted and still see animals.
So the drive up to Houston was not bad, it was not bad because Laura drove the whole way while I played in the back with Erin, Tweeted, and navigated using TeleNav. The trip turned for the worst when we got to the zoo. We tried to park in the main lot and did not find a spot, we then moved to a secondary lot and there was not spot, we checked a third and you get the idea. After driving around not knowing what to do we found a parking garage a mile away and walked.
Erin fell asleep at the zoo, but I think she enjoyed her time there. She got to see the elephants and the "baby monkeys". She requested cotton candy which was weird for her to ask for. I think the main reason we went to the zoo was to get Laura some Dipping Dots.
Off to Pancho's. I wanted Pancho's because it carried memories of really mediocre Mexican food with really great sopapillas. This time around both things were slightly mediocre. To make things worse Laura burned her thumb and my apple soda Manzanita de Sol kind of tasted bitter.
Act 3: We went to Build-a-Bear, Erin added another to her collection, and we came home. The end. I know the story was more epic than Lord of the Rings and did not have quite the twist ending of Sixth Sense, but what do you expect on a 34 second notice?