Thursday, February 18


I am not a zombie professional or a zombie historian. I am a fan of zombies and I have liked them for some time. I am not going to lie and say I have been a zombie guy since 1978 (which was 4 years before I was born) or say I have seen every foreign zombie movie out there. What I will say is I enjoy a zombie flick more than the average schmo. Also, on an unrelated note a penny just fell on my toe.
My first memory of anything zombie was watching Night of the Living Dead at my Grandma's house on a VHS tape. I was probably like 6 or 7. I am not sure if the movie was hers (doubt it) or if it was left behind by my Uncle Chris (probable). I watched a weird collection of movies at her house: The Lost Boys, The Disorderlies, Dumbo, and Night of the Living Dead. In retrospect I would like to imagine my Grandma watching Night of the Living Dead after a long day of doing what grandmothers do.
Fast forward a few years or a little more than a few. Fast forward all the way to 2002 when 28 Weeks Later came out. I had an idea of what zombie movies could/should be, but that changed it. The movie was a good zombie movie, and personally fast zombies scare me. Then the Dawn of the Dead remake came out and added a classic spin to the new fast zombie genre.
Anyways this is going to be another list post of my favorite zombie stuff. Lets do 5 different things shall we?

  1. Fido
    • Fido is a really cool movie that I can best explain by mixing Leave it to Beaver with a zombie. It is a really cool comedy and I hope you can check it out. (Add it to your Netflix instant queue).
  2. Dead Snow (Zombie Nazis)
    • Dod Sno is a Norwegian movie. It is super violent and slightly funny. The movie will not win any awards, but very cool mindless fun.
  3. 28 Days Later
    • Although this is not the prettiest Blu-Ray I own (video wise it is probable the worst) I love this movie. I love the sequel as well. 28 Days Later does a great job of making you feel lonely in a world that would be lonely. Has very fast moving zombies and the spread of the disease through blood or vomit make it disgusting and even scarier.
  4. Night of the Living Dead
    • I would say if you could only watch one zombie movie watch this one. This slightly edges out 28 Days Later and Dawn of the Dead (remake) for me. It is a good movie. It is scary and could be one of the only black and white movies I like.
  5. World War Z
    • I didn't say I was only doing movies, did I? Out of everything zombie I have experienced this is my favorite. I cheated and did not read the book, I listened to the audiobooks to and from work last summer. They chronicle different aspects of the zombie outbreak and different times. The book talks about the spread of zombies from a military standpoint and beyond. It is a great story and I hope somebody can translate it into a movie of trilogy. If you like zombies this is one of the coolest things to check out by far.
Sorry if I did not mention the shark killing zombies or zombie nachos. I would love to hear what you recommend or what you think of my list. Hasta las nachos @gizmoalex signing off.


  1. Rock on! NotLD is still the best zombie movie ever made imho (it's ALMOST Hitchcock suspense good), and WWZ is an incredible satire (fingers crossed they don't screw up the movie).

    My list would probably include Shaun of the Dead, [REC], and the comic The Walking Dead.

    For uber-weirdness check out PontyPool for a totally random take on the zombie story. See also Delamorte Delamore with Rupert Everett for a really existential take on zombies.

  2. Seeing a zombie movie will pretty much gaurantee that I'm going to be having a nightmare. Strangely enough, they fascinate me. Wierd, I know. So what movie is to blame for my fear of zombies? Well there's two actually..1)Dawn of the Dead. 2)Resident Evil. Those two suckers did it for me.

  3. M.Y.M.H.M I loved [Rec]. It is one of my favorite movies. I will check out PontyPool I have been hearing many good things about it.

  4. You might want to check out the book Zomblog available on Amazon

    It is actually a zombie journal - Sam starting to blog about his day to day routine life when the apocalypse began. He journals his life trying to stay alive when everyone around him is dying-and then returning-and staying away from the LIVE people that have turned away from being civilized into as much a threat as the zombies.

  5. Night of the Living Dead is the best for me, too. Not blood and guts but probably the only profound zombie movie ever made. Zombie on!

  6. ZOMBIE [aka Zombie 2] (1979) is a surprisingly good zombie movie. It's also available on watch it now.

    BLACK SHEEP (2006) is an interesting New Zealand movie where... get this.. SHEEP re zombies! One of those dark humor movies but a pretty solid genre effort.

    ZOMBIE VS NINJA (1987) I dare you to watch this movie.

    RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD (1985) is often forgotten about when folks talk about the zom-com genre. It's a pretty interesting flick and started the new interest in zombie cinema.