Thursday, February 4

First Post Since 19 odd 6

As my good Twitter friend @geekshui pointed out, I have not written a blog post in a really long time. I initially wanted to write my blog as something I could do maybe two or three times a week, but it has been a slightly strange last few months. 
First of all, do I still love my daughter, the answer is yes. Since I have become a Netflix member (which I love) I have been trying to introduce my daughter to some classics we do not have. She is currently watching An American Tale.
Second off, I am actually not currently employed. It is weird for me to say that, a little embarrassing, but my company lost our biggest client and did some major (99% of staff) downsizing. I am staying positive and looking for a job I can grow into and be awesome at. I have been doing sales for some time. I love sales, but I also want to get into something that I can help people out and really make a difference in lives. 
Thirdly, my beloved Dallas Cowboys lost. I have liked them for about 18 years, ever since I could really understand the sport. They were America's team then. Through the good times and the bad they are my team and will always be my team. Something that really bothers me is people that love the Cowboys when they are winning, but bad mouth the team when they are not. It is not that people can't change teams, it is the hypocrisy of it all. 
In recent times Laura and I have been wanting a new animal more and more. We wish we could find somebody as awesome as Velveeta Sedgwick Miranda esq., but we are still looking. We want another male cat (to balance things out) or we would also love to have a French Bulldog.
So that is a summary of the recent times. I will write more soon......
Oh yeah WE MADE TAMALES!!!    

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  1. That's what blogging is all about, just laying it all out there. Kudos on the bravery. A suggestion on the introduction of quality movies is to make sure she is afforded the opportunity to see The Life of Brian and other Monty Python classics. A good (even dark) sense of humor can carry you far in hard times. On the employment front, why not create another blog on sales? You can talk about your experience, best practices, tips, and industry trends. Might fill in the gap nicely until you find something permanent. I'll be happy to help you out with the setup if you need it!