Friday, November 13


So let's dive right on into this blog, Erin is my daughter. I know she is my daughter because the dragon part of her comes out sometimes, she obviously gets that from me. Seriously though she is my 2 year old (almost 3). If you ask her how old she is she will say she is 6, well not anymore unless she is trying to be a funny little goof.
Anyways, why write a blog about my daughter? Why not right? She is the first thing (not that she is a thing, but you know what I mean) I think about when I wake up and the last before bed. She is so much to me.
Anyways, (wow I say that a lot and use a lot of parentheses) for some time I have been thinking "What is the best way to say I love you so she will know forever?" I try to encourage her with things she does because I know in the future confidence will be important. Laura and I try to make sure she treats other people right and hopefully we can teach her not to judge people. 
If I had to grade Laura and I, I would give us a B+ or an A. I think Erin is good for the most part and I think she is shaping to be a good little human. Now something that is becoming a struggle is her being spoiled. She is like Stitch, she just can say something and it will happen, maybe she gets her convincing skills from me. 
So back to the topic. I want her one day to be able to look at my blog and look at my thoughts and say "My dad really loves me". It is true I do. My goal is to start with this and everyday add one way she has amazed me and maybe something I have learned from her. 
For those of you who do not have kids they are really great. Make sure you are ready to give them your all. It is weird how much you can love your child before they are even born. It is even weirder how you can love them immediately after they are born while they still look like an alien (all I have to say to Erin is I am glad she does NOT look like a Conehead anymore). 
So I hope if you read my blog, I hope you can feel a little of what I feel. All you need is love right? 

P.S. Daddy loves you!

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