Monday, October 19


Okay, so it is that time of year when everybody is dressing up as Frankenstein, a ghost, or a vampire. Wait a minute this isn't 1968 people are dressing as sluttier sluts, Twilight characters, and ladybugs (that is what Erin is going to be). So we are thinking about Halloween costumes and every scary movie is coming out on TV or being highlighted at the video store. Yes, there are the classic monster movies, what really scares me are haunting movies with ghosts or poltergeists. 
Over my life span there are a few moments that have scared me and really stood with me. The first one I really remember was at my parents house. It was when we moved to the west side of El Paso. The house was right off of Bishop Flores and it was there was no development further than that. Imagine no Franklin or Hornedo or any of the billion things that are there now, just desert. Anyways, our house was two stories, my parents room was downstairs and my room, the den, and my little sister's room was upstairs. Of course being the little prince I was spent time downstairs with my mom especially while she cleaned or ironed or whatnot. 
One day she was cleaning the house and went upstairs to clean the restroom. I stood downstairs because I was watching TV on her old console TV. I did not think much of her cleaning or being away from me for a few moments, but while I was watching TV I felt a weird feeling and I heard a low growl in the room with me. It wasn't our pekingese Twinkle, but when I looked at her she looked scared. At that moment I started crying and screamed for my mom and nothing happened for quite some time. 
The next things that happened were in that house and I do not remember the specifics. At the top of the stairs we had a framed picture of the Virgin Mary and it came off the wall and went down the stairs. I am not sure exactly how this happened, but it would have had to have jumped a few feet off the wall to land close enough to the stairs to slide down. If it had fallen normally it would have fallen along the wall then down face first or hit the wall and have fallen. The strange thing is it landed face up at the bottom. 
The other thing in that house was witnessed by my sister and I and sounded like a high pitched scream and low growl at the same time. I thought it was my cat Shenehneh, but when we looked at her she just looked befuddled and there was nothing going on with her.
Okay so fast forward several years into the 21st century. Now we have running water and flying cars and our lives aren't ruled by Voodoo. My parents got divorced (it happens) and my mom moved into a house with my sister and I. My mom was doing college at night to work on her masters degree and Laura and I watched my sister Brandy because she was like 13 or something. 

So my room was in the back of that house and it was an extension of the original house. My bedroom door was a wood door with frosted glass. We usually hung out in my bedroom because Laura and I bought a decent TV and we would watch movies or whatever was on TV. My mom's chihuahuas (Pup and Bandit) would hang out with us as well. The first weird thing I remember happening was smelling cigarette smoke. Since it was just us and none of us smoked (my mom does not smoke either) I found it a little strange. So as I always do I grabbed a knife and went to investigate. I did not have to go far. The kitchen was beside my room and there was a cloud of smoke in there. It seemed to not be moving and it was not thick, but it was visible. All doors and windows to the house were closed, but the confusion and the slight fear that caused kind of kickstarted some of the other weird stuff.
Once we all kind of were freaked out we used to close and lock my bedroom door while we were watching TV and hanging out. That is when we started noticing shadows walking across the door. To me it looked like it was people and the time I distinctly remember I think I saw two figures. They did not come in, but with the frosted glass I did see figures walk by.
The other time I heard another strange sound, we heard the sound of glass shattering. Glass shattering is something that will get most people's attention because you are like, "Oh S@*%!!! What is happening, or what just broke?!" Well that was my initial reaction too, but when the sound went on for 30 seconds or more it really scared me. So I grabbed my knife and very hesitantly investigated. No broken glass and no broken objects. My mom did not believe us, but she had the house blessed and it was a million times better.Sometimes when I go back to that room I feel scared from my memory, but I don't feel the feeling that was always there previously.
So most recently (maybe a year after that) Laura and I moved in together. We lived on the west side of El Paso again off of Mesa Hills. Our apartment was super cheap, I had a job, life was good. I am not sure how it escalated or what happened, but the feeling of fear was back. I am not sure if any of you believe in things like this or have experienced anything like this, but there is a feeling you get when this is around you. Anyways, I didn't experience too much besides door's closing, but Laura would see dark shadows crawling in her restroom. It was just in that spot and I would tease her for some time, but it seemed like she stopped using it. She saw the shadows (even in darkness they were darker), but at times she also saw light in there. Taking a cue from the other house we got some holy water and went to every window and every door and said "Our Father". I do not know if it is psychological, which I know skeptics would say it is, but the holy water really helped. When that feeling of fear leaves you it is like your life changes for the better. Until next time. As always catch me on Twitter @gizmoalex or Facebook

On a side note Laura's parents old house was always very scary. Laura and her brother Justin experienced cabinets open, doors closing, sounds of steps on the hardwood. I am not too sure of every single detail, but I do know her dad's uncle (or other family member) died there. I also know that the house was essentially two stories and the bottom story was a basement. The basement housed her parent's room and Justin's room and the feeling gets you as soon as you start going down the stairs. That house was scary and I am glad it is not involved in any part of my life anymore.


  1. Fattie fattie chihuahuas!

    Lots of people don't believe in hauntings or poltergeist. But when you've experienced something- or things- you just can't say no. Those incidents sound scary! I can watch any horror movie with blood or gore- but ghost movies are the worst! So frightening!

    When I was younger, I would see shadow people. Like out of the corner of my eye- or full front on. Friends have better stories from experience- mine are just bleh shadow people. And whats with ghosts being so angry? Why can't their be a happy ghost? Or a non-agressive spirit?

    You know the movie Haunting in Conneticut? I've seen the mother of the actual true story before. She had objects from the house that were horribly warped from spiritual contact. The scariest thing she had was a crucifix. It was so damaged and twisted- as if something was trying to spiral it around. And it was so smooth! Human hand or machine would make the wood splinter and crack. It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen besides the freakshow guys at the horror convention.

    I like a good horror story. It makes you wonder what's out there and who's witnessed such events.

    And a ladybug is the perfect costume ever. You guys should go as a bug family together :D !

  2. I totally get it. We should tell our ghost stories at Rebecca's house on Halloween (there's a party in the planning?)...