Sunday, October 11

Farmville the saddest addicition

As you may learn from future posts on this blog I usually have really weird dreams. They used to be funny weird (I will get into someday), but now they are starting to become scary weird. Either way a bad dream woke me up about 3 hours early today and inspired me to start my Blogger blog.
I woke up and I came straight to the computer. I logged into my Brizzly account thanks to @coffeedaze (Private profile, great guy), I opened Facebook, and I opened Gizmodo. So Facebook was the first thing to get my major attention, I checked to see if I had any messages and after that I immediately clicked on my Corn bookmark and launched Farmville.

This is usually my routine when I get on the computer, sometimes the other stuff does not get opened, I just go straight to my farm. This wouldn't be sad, but the game really is not that fun, there is not really a point, and in my opinion it is not that entertaining. I know all this, but I keep coming back.
If you are not familiar with Farmville it is basically a game where you harvest plants for coins that are used to upgrade your farm. Some of the upgrades are bales of hay, barns, and windmills. You plant a crop, you harvest it, you rinse and repeat. It is sad because whatever game you start with (Mafia Wars, Yoville, Cafe Wars) you usually become hooked.
We have gone to a friends house that have a laptop out and they are "farming" while we are visiting. Now you might think this is perfectly normal if it is some punk kid or something, but these are respectable people with good heads on their shoulders. I personally do not even know if we have company anymore because I am always farming. I am excited about the new Flash coming to Android and Blackberry because it gives me the hope I may be able to farm from my phone. It is sad that when I plant something I try to think of my schedule so I can make sure I will be able to harvest it.
So I am essentially writing this blog as a hint to my loved ones. Contact the show Intervention, lets play some sappy music, and let us get this Farmville problem solved as soon as possible. Until next time.

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